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      Vinegar as a cleaning agent

      By cooldude | November 23, 2012

      Uses of Vinegar, home careYou must keep your home cleaned properly to maintain its beauty as it is. If you don’t clean your home properly, then it will not look that beautiful. If the stains are allowed to stay on the household items and are not cleaned regularly, then it may be difficult to clean the stains. At certain times you may also need expensive soapy solution to clean the stains.

      However you can clean the stains easily by using vinegar. If the stain is too deep then let the stains soak in the vinegar for some time and then clean it. If the stains are not too deep, then you can use a diluted solution of vinegar and soak the stains in it. Then you can clean it. Vinegar, due to the presence of acidic content is a very good cleaning and help in cleaning all sorts of deep stains. Thus whenever you see some stains or dirt, you can easily use vinegar to clean it successfully.

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