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      Top Roofing Issues to Look For

      By Mhouse | June 5, 2013

      Roofing issuesWe all know replacing a roof is really an expensive option.  Thus everyone wants to stay away from that option. But in certain conditions you need to opt for that. If you want to stay away from this there is some time when your roof needs attention and you need to give that. Roof repairing and maintenance is far better option as compared to roof replacement. So it is really advisable to know what the common roofing problems are and identify those problems at an early stage to stay away from expensive roof replacement process. Here are some of the most common roofing issues which need to be fixed if detected in your roof.

      A buckled roof will look like something which is under the roof and that thing is pushing the shingles up. There can be lots of reasons for buckling. One of the reasons can be improper installation of the felt or tar paper. If this felt or tar paper is not stretched properly when it is applied to the roof decking then it can lead the shingle to rise and cause buckling in the roof. Improper roof ventilation can also be one of the reasons for buckling as it causes the water moisture to build up in the attic space of the roof.

      If the shingles are under stress then it can lead to cupping and curling. This is also a sign of replacement of shingles. This can be noticed when these shingles have a concave centre instead of being flat and the edges of the shingles are curled. This means that shingles are cupped and curled and they need a replacement. Shingles are in a fragile situation when they look like this so you should avoid walking on the roof unless you are in the process of repairing it.

      This is actually a technical roofing term which relates to the shingle fasteners which are very heavily driven. Roofers usually use pneumatic nail guns and while using this if the pressure is very high the tile is thumped in by the nails with extreme force and it is drived too far. The mat of the shingle is usually broken when such thing happens. The shingle will not do its work in an efficient manner.

      Ice dam is also one of the common roofing issues which people usually take lightly and then suffer in the end. Ice dam occurs when a ridge of ice is built up on the edge of the roof and this thing stops the water to run off which is collected from the melted snow. The collected water then lies on the tiles itself and cause damage to the roof and even the walls and ceilings. The snow which is collected can be dangerous to the roof as it can lead to water leakage and water leakage can lead the roof to rot. This water should be kept away and along with the snow.

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