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      The Care of Antique Furniture

      By houseswd | December 11, 2010

      Antique furniture is quite different from the modern furniture that we have these days. It requires a different kind of care and maintenance. Excessive amounts of light can damage antique furniture and thus one needs to be careful of the place where they keep the antique furniture pieces. Sunlight should b blocked as direct sun rays on the furniture can damage the fabric, wood and the finish. Moisture content in the air also has an impact of the antique furniture. Wood can contract and expand with moisture and this will damage the wood.

      One should use a dehumidifier if the moisture content is high and a humidifier if it is too low. Contrary to the myth, oil should not be used on antique furniture as this will cause degradation as it will attract dust and dirt. One can use a high quality wax for antique furniture and the furniture should be regularly be dusted with a soft cloth.

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