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      Stone Walls: Built to Last

      By qwcdirect | November 13, 2010

      Stone walls, without a shred of doubt, are exceedingly durable and lots of these do go for more than centuries. All these can be said with conviction since stone wall is not a new concept and has been in the human civilization ever since people learnt to build up walls.Nevertheless, stone happens to be of different styles too – rough and finished. A rough stone happens to be the stone that hasn’t been modified yet. On the other hand, a finished stone is the one that has been shaped to be standardized and can be stacked similar to a brick.

      There are also two forms of stone walls and these are dry and mortared. Dry stone wall does bank only on the friction between the stones so as to keep it in one piece. Stones, in this segment, are placed on top of one another in an overlapping style in order to create a wall of loose, but unwavering, individual stones. Mortared walls, on the other hand, complete gaps amid the stones by means of cement, mainly turning the wall into a solid element.

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