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      Space saving furniture for a small bedroom

      By cooldude | January 31, 2012

      If you have a small bedroom and you feel like it’s always cluttered and untidy no matter how hard you try, maybe you should look for a change. Invest in some sensible, space saving furniture and change the look of your room. Now, the basic furniture items like the bed, work area and cabinets are required first of all. Investing in a Murphy bed is a smart idea. These beds go up into the wall and can be manually taken down when required.

      These are basically attached to the wall through a hinge system and are easy to operate as well. You can invest in a built in cabinet or closet which is embedded deep in the wall. So instead of having extra space for your items, this is a great way to save space. Last but not the least in small bedrooms, folding chairs and tables come in handy all the time.


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