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      Simple Steps to Make an Upholstered Headboard

      By houseswd | July 2, 2010

      An Upholstered Headboard can be made taking a few simple steps. All that you need to do is assemble the tools and materials. The tools and materials required are a tape measure, plywood for the main fabric-covered area and legs, a jig saw, medium-grit sandpaper, 1” thick sheet of upholstery foam, roll of upholstery batting or cotton batting and a beautiful piece of fabric for the cover.

      Measure the width of bed, decide the height of headboard and cut the plywood in the same size. Sand the outer edges of plywood with medium-grit sandpaper. Cut the sheet of upholstery foam taking an extra margin of 1” from the size of plywood. Tack and staple the upholstery foam at the back of the wooden frame. Place the upholstery batting over the foam, tack and staple it. Now cover the headboard with a decorative fabric and staple it in a way that it hides the raw edges. Make the headboard steady by attaching legs to it. Here you go with the upholstered headboard endowing a majestic look and a spot to rest!

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