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      Placing Aquariums in Home & Offices

      By qwcdirect | April 2, 2011

      Adding an aquarium in your home and office can bring you a lot of wealth and good luck. Aquariums are also known to be the most elegant additions to homes and work places. A beautiful aquarium can make the place look great. Once you have decided to place an aquarium in your home or office, it is time to decide on the placement of these aquariums.

      In case, your home or office has windows that welcome direct sunlight, avoid placing the aquarium in the pathway of the sunlight. This may make the aquarium face huge temperature variances which in turn, can damage fishes and create algae problems. Putting the aquarium under natural light is the best option. Place it where you can easily clean and maintain it. The floor should support the weight of aquarium. Do not place aquariums near high foot traffic. This will disturb the fish and hide them under rocks.

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