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    • Keeping your shed safe during rains

      By cooldude | April 26, 2013

      shed care, home careIf you have an outdoor shed in your home, then you should try and protect it during dangerous weather especially during the rains. During the construction, adopt proper safety measures to ensure the shed doesn’t collapse during heavy rains. Get proper support for the shed by adding proper hinges at the edges or by installing proper angle supports.

      Also get proper weather resistance, anti corrosive paint for the shed. This will protect the color of the shed from getting faded away during heavy rains. So choose the color properly by making a good research of the market which color is resistant enough to serve your purpose.

      During construction of the shed, you should be very much careful to ensure safety. It is advisable you take the help of some experts to construct the shed in the proper way. If the support is not strong enough or given in the proper way at the proper place, the shed may collapse during heavy rains.

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      Garage doors: go for automatic

      By cooldude | April 22, 2013

      Garage doors, automatic garage doorsGarage doors area very important part of the house and so immense care should be taken of the garage doors. There are various types of garage doors available in the market. From operational point of view, garage doors can be of two types- manual and automatic.

      For the manual garage you have to come every time to open and close the door. This thing can be very tiresome and may take a lot of time especially if the door is much heavy and large is size. Keeping in mind all these difficulties, the automatic garage doors came in to being.

      The motors are run automatically at the press of a button or with the help of a remote. Thus irrespective of the fact how big or heavy the door is, it will not take much time to open up or close the door. More over you will not have to go every time to open the door. You can simply do it by pressing a button located inside the room.

      The automatic garage door also adds a piece of attraction and uniqueness to the appearance of your house.

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      Cleaning your sidewalk after a heavy snowfall

      By cooldude | April 16, 2013

      Cleaning your sidewalkSoon after the snow fall, the process of removal of snow should be started. This is done by both the government as well as individuals. The roads, sidewalks, etc are cleaned up with utter care. The house owners are responsible to clean up the sidewalks. Any individual suffering from injury because of the snow, the owners of the houses will be held responsible.

      Removal of the snow can be done using two ways, anti-icing and de-icing. The sidewalks are pre-treated using chemicals before the fall of snow to avoid formation of the same. This method of removing ice is known as anti-icing. The proper application of anti-icing can make it very easy to remove ice from the sidewalk.

      The method of removing ice from the sidewalk using both chemicals as well as mechanical instruments is known as de-icing. This process is carried out after the snow fall.

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      Trends in modern curtain designs

      By cooldude | March 13, 2013

      modern curtain designs, home decorThere are various trends that are followed in selecting a curtain for your home. The modern curtain designers have changed the old trend of curtains. There are still old fashioned curtains available in the market. This has highly changed by the modern designers. The present day curtains are made up of various designs and textures. One can identify the difference between old and modern day designs by just looking at the cloth used for curtains.

      The modern curtains have grown bolder in designs. Now you can find better designs in the market. These curtains are rich in color. Use of metallic colors in the curtains gives your room that extra bit. You can find a good color combination according to the design of your room. The cloth used these days includes velvet. This gives the curtain a royal look and makes your home a very special place to live in. So search the market and find the best suited curtain for yourself.

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      Some home furnishing tips for you

      By cooldude | March 11, 2013

      home furnishing, home decorFurnishing a home beautifully needs a great idea and a good knowledge about furniture. While re-furnishing your home you should be certain that you select the perfect thing for the perfect place. These small furnishing items can make a place look good as well as can spoil the décor of your room. Here are certain tips that you need to follow while refurnishing your home.

      • As you got to know earlier searching for the best piece is essential. The perfect piece will speak volumes and will add extra beauty to your room.
      • Setting up a budget early is required. This way you can easily reach to certain decisions.
      • There are varieties of materials used for making home furniture. So, selecting the perfect material for your use is essential. Wooden furniture or wrought iron furniture or other material gives different look to your home.

      So select wisely before refurnishing your home.

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      Use Black and White Family Photos to Decorate Your Walls

      By cooldude | March 1, 2013

      Wall decor, photo framesHave you ever wondered whether you can use your picture frames to create a wonderful look on your walls? If you have a large empty wall or hallway, and you’re thinking of ways to decorate it, then you can use picture frames for an edgy but homely look.

      Collect family photos or photos of friends with you on any trip or anything which reminds you of a good time. If you find various pictures of colored or black and white types, do a thing and get them all printed in black and white in the same size or you can go with different sizes as well. Make sure that all the pictures are in black and white before moving on to the next step. Depending on the color of the wall choose the frames. All the frames should be similar to induce a feel of uniformity and neatness.

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      An idea about slate impression concrete

      By cooldude | January 26, 2013

      slate impression concrete, concretesSlate impression concrete is a modern way to add elegance to your household. It is easy to clean and at the same time gives you a perfect finish for your home decor. It comes in different color variations so that it becomes easy for the house owners to choose their specific color. You can easily shape these decorative concrete blocks. The various options give you the luxury to choose for your interior and exterior walls. Like for the interior one can choose more glossy ones so that it will enhance the beautification and for the exterior choose the matte ones they will add elegance to it.

      For different effect you need to put different concrete in different places according to your need, so just hire a professional they will chalk out a map according to your taste. Hence, if you are thinking of adding charm and elegance to your household, slate concrete impression are the ones go get it.

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      Cleaning stone floors

      By cooldude | January 19, 2013

      Tips to clean stone floors, floor maintenanceSome of the ways to clean your stone floors are as follows:

      Protecting your stone floors with a sealer based on silicon annually or once in a year keeps your floor cleaned but this can be done to floors except those made of granite. It provides protection from oil soil and dirt and also enables your floor to respire.

      Try to keep your stoned floors free of dust. Use a good brush or mop to swipe the dust from the surface of the floor. These removes any harsh dust particles which if left can create scratch or marks in the floor.
      Using an appropriate cleanser to remove dirt is important. Make sure you are not using any alkaline or acidic detergents for this purpose. After cleaning the floor with a wet mop wash it thoroughly with fresh water. Also you can polish the floor if you want.

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      Picking wall tiles for your kitchen

      By cooldude | January 9, 2013

      wall tiles, kitchen tilesPicking wall tile for your kitchen is the best method to make your kitchen look better. By fitting tiles in your kitchen walls you can also prevent the wall from getting food stains as well as make the kitchen beautiful. You can use light color tiles for your kitchen walls, use shaded tiles for your kitchen walls, use the dark and same color tiles in your kitchen walls, and even you can now make the beautiful pattern with tiles in your kitchen walls. But it is prefer to choose dark color tiles in the kitchen walls to make the make the wall look better and long last as light color tiles may get stained easily.

      Thus picking wall tile for your kitchen is the best method to make the kitchen look better as well as to prevent the wall from getting stained.

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      An account on installing electronic panels

      By cooldude | December 10, 2012

      Install electronic panels, home improvementInstalling electronic panels in your house is a great idea but you should know how to install the panels. The procedure is very easy. First you have to get hold of four components namely charge controller, solar panels, power inverter and battery units. When you have got all these you have to arrange all the solar panels together and get it connected to the copper cables of the battery units. You must make sure that the battery is fit for the domestic solar system otherwise your main purpose will not be served.

      The batteries that you will be using will store direct current only and that is why it is important that you connect the batteries to the power inverter that would help to convert the direct current to alternate current. After you complete all the above steps it is time that you connect and extension to the multiple outlets so that you get an easy access.

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