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      Natural Stone Epoxy Flooring

      By Mhouse | May 9, 2015

      stone flooring

      Generally Stone flooring is considered to be more suitable for any indoor or outdoor concrete or wood surface. The stone used for durable flooring of your home is obtained from riverbeds in the Midwest which is placed in dry kiln for removing all impurities and water and then it is mixed with an epoxy adhesive to create seamless. Some of the places where you would prefer to use the stone flooring are garages, basements, pool decks, walkways, driveways, porches or patios etc.

      Benefits and features of stone flooring

      Stone flooring are considered to be durable. It lasts for lifetime. The same quality of durability is not available in other types of flooring such as carpet, linoleum and tile. And the affordable prices make it easy to have a long term investment in home.

      Weather Resistant

      Natural rock flooring is so much durable. It is not affected by extreme heat and it is also not affected by freezing cold. Thus it last for a long time.

      Short cure time

      The installation process of stone flooring is quickly usable. It cures quickly after installation. Estimated time for use after installation is 24 hours.

      Stain Resistant  

      Stone flooring is very beneficial from the view point of stain removal. Hard substances such as oil, Greece, will not harm your stone flooring. Even dirt and salt will not harm your stone flooring. A hard wash with water will make your floor look good.

      Easy to maintain

      The maintenance of stone flooring is very easy and simple. It just needs an epoxy recoat every 2 to 3 years for maintaining its durability. The duration between recoats depend upon the traffic and ultraviolet exposure.


      The stone flooring allows the water to run and not remain stagnant. Stone flooring allows the surface to mildew, moisture buildup and resisting mold. The reason behind it is that it does not hold heat or water. Stone surfaces are usually 10 percent cooler to walk on in summer.

      Installation Process

      The process of installation of stone flooring is as follows

      Prepare the base

      If the current flooring has concrete base, then it is to be sanded down and if there are any cracks then it is to be repaired. It is to be ensured first that the base is solid and the new stone flooring will adhere properly.

      Mix stone and epoxy

      Stone almost possess the texture of power after being refined. Just before 2 to 3 minutes before installation, the epoxy adhesive is mixed.

      Spread stone and epoxy mixture

      Be aware that the mixture should be spreaded quickly, as more delay results in hardening of mixture. The measurement of thickness is ½ an inch. This mixture is self leveling so it can be adjusted accordingly. It can be made more thick where needed by adding more mixture at that particular place.


      For additional skid prevention, stone surface may be sprinkled with silicon sand. For ensuring the substrate and prevention of crack, the stone should be cutted properly for matching the expansion cuts and strips in the underlying concrete.

      Let it cure for 24 to 48 hours

      It’s very instant to use the stone floor after installation. It’s just 24 hours and then you can walk on your new stone flooring surface. But in case of new garage or driveway you must wait for 7 days after installation.

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