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      Lighting for a long hallway

      By cooldude | May 18, 2012

      Lighting for hallway, home lightingA lot depends on the lighting of a room on how it will look or not. You may decorate the house in a creative and innovative way. But in the lack of proper lighting the room will not look beautiful. Again the lighting schemes and designs of a room depends on its interior décor. The lighting to be used in a small room differ from that to be used in a long big room. For a long hall way, if proper lighting is used then the beauty of the room will be increased. Normally strong high power lightings should be used for long hallway otherwise it won’t be enough to light the entire hall and thus the beauty of the room will not come up. You can also use a few decorative lamps of aristocratic look and with a variety of designs to be fitted at the centre of the room ceiling. This will add to the beauty of your room. Other than these few standing lamps a t the corners and a lot of lampshdaes of various designs will give the hall way a perfect look.

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