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      Is It Wise To Paint Wallpapers?

      By cooldude | December 28, 2013

      Paint home WallpapersAre you bored of your wallpapers and planning a new look for your room? Well, if you can definitely get the walls a fresh coat of paint to ensure a cheery feel inside once again. Now, the homeowners are often in a dilemma as to whether remove the wallpaper before painting or to paint over it. According to experts you can always remove the wallpaper before painting for a complete renewal but this removal demands special technique and knowledge which is not always viable for a layman. Thus, if you are for a safer approach, it’s wiser to paint over wallpaper. Don’t worry; painting over wallpaper won’t harm the look of your room as the old worn out wallpaper won’t be visible beneath the paints if you are aware of the right painting tips.

      The first step as you approach to paint your wallpaper is to glue all its torn edges to assure a smoothened background for the paint. Then, apply oil-based primer. If a single coat is not enough get another coat after the first dries up- make sure the wallpaper design isn’t visible from under the primer. Let the wall rest for 24 hours minimum. A couple of primer coats would be adequate in most of the cases.

      Get a premium oil-based paint & stir it properly. The oil-based paint would be the ideal option here as the moisture presence in latex paint could loosen down your wallpaper leading to bubbling. Take your paintbrush to paint up the edges & use roller for larger areas. Proceed right from the upper corner of your wallpaper & work in brief 3/3ft sections. After the first coat dries, get a second coat. Wait for another 24 hours so that your wall gets to dry thoroughly. A fresh new wall is just ready for you.

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