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      Interior Decorating Fabric Guide

      By cooldude | January 26, 2012

      Fabric is an important part of interior design. The various types of fabric are so vast that it is very easy to get confused. So first an individual needs to have a basic knowledge about the different materials to be able to effectively use them in different parts of their home. The different types include micro fibre, silk, cotton, linen and acrylic.

      Micro fibre also known as ultra suede is a synthetic fabric with the look and feel of suede. It has high durability and stains resistance, and is great for high use areas. Silk is a natural fibre harvested from cocoons of silkworms. It is a delicate fabric and costly too. It stains easily and is less durable. It can be used only in low use areas. Cotton is a very versatile fabric for home decorating and can be used in many areas. Linen is a very expensive material that gives a textured textile but has to be mixed with other fibres for stability.

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