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      Instructions on How to Paint Ceramic Tile

      By houseswd | January 10, 2010

      Everybody loves to have ceramic tiles in their houses but the major cause of worry for all such people is to clean these tiles. Before one starts cleaning the tiles a little amount of preparation is needed. One should use a mild detergent and water and clean the tiles. Care should be taken no vinegar or glass cleaner should be used. After this a surface conditioner should be applied on the tiles using a soft and dry paintbrush.

      The conditioner should be applied to areas which one can paint in four hours as the conditioner does not stay for longer than that. After the conditioner is applied, without diluting the paint it should be applied using a dry and clean brush. To protect the paint a coating of Glaze needs to apply. Let the tiles dry for about ten days and you will have tiles as good as new and one should be careful that no liquid or water should be used on the tiles during this time.

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