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      How to keep your whites white

      By cooldude | August 24, 2012

      Tips to maintain fabrics, fabric careMany people face laundry issues as the white fabrics gets greyer in a period of time. We tend to use washing detergent, stain remover, automatic washing machines and other luxury items to clean our clothes but after a short while our white clothes and other fabrics starts getting darker by the day. A few tips on keeping your whites white are discussed below.

      You need to wash white fabrics frequently. You can skip the bleach and in its place use half a cup of whitening agent that is time-tested and baking soda. Add Borax with little soap powder to hot water and then add your whites. Soak the whites in a bucket overnight in a mixture of Baking soda, soap powder and water. Next day rub the whites, wring out and wash in washing machine as normal. Hang dry your fabrics in the sunlight and do not use dryer. In this way you will be able to keep your whites white.

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