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      Guidelines for laying concrete

      By cooldude | August 5, 2012

      Tips to lay concrete , home improvementConcrete is an exceptionally versatile material and is very easy to use. The only thing that should be kept in mind while working with concrete is to avoid the common mistakes that are often repeated by most of us.

      If you are planning to lay concrete then you should keep certain things in mind that will help you in getting excellent results. One of the most important things to remember before pouring concrete is that you should not do the mistake of laying new concrete above that of old concrete as they would lead to extensive cracking. You should also always use clean gravel and sand in the process of laying concrete and not impure gravel and sand to save some money because even the smallest amount of impurities can ruin the concrete. It is also advisable to use the right amount of water as too much of water can shrink and weaken the concrete.

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