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      Geodesic dome tree-houses

      By qwcdirect | July 30, 2010

      Tree houses are constructed on the branches or trunks of different types of strong trees and are built at a quite higher position. These tree houses are used for habitation, recreation or as a work space as well.

      The geodesic dome shaped tree houses are built with wood or steel. These days, geodesic tree houses have reached heights as many rich people as a part of entertainment or for their kids playing area or for relaxation, build the tree houses. They act as an addition to their gardens and lawns to enhance the beauty and charm of the exteriors of a house.

      Geodesic tree houses require very less construction material for great strength and without drilling into the trunks of trees, one can easily hang the orbs with the help of a cable. Tree houses are made of some recycled materials also such as doors; window frames and used lumber which promotes sustain ability by saving money and adding an abstract style to the design of the tree house.
      There are no specifications for building tree houses except with very few planning departments.

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