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      Floral bedding: how to match other décor accessories?

      By cooldude | March 26, 2012

      Floral bedding options give a fresh and cheerful feel of living close to nature. Although floral bedding and patterns are noted typically to be a feminine thing, bold colors and patterns can describe very fine masculine features in your rooms.

      Floral beddings are available in various prints and patterns in the market. When you buy one such, remember that you have to match other accessories in your home with the current pattern.

      Getting new curtains matching your choice of pattern and the season can be a good investment to keep your mood up every time you enter the house. Put up wall decals or wallpapers matching your bedding. Fresh flowers in the room enhance the beauty when you incorporate the flavor of the season in the floral prints.

      Other home décor accessories that will go well with your floral bedding are floral bed sheets and bedcovers, pillowcases and maybe bright paintings on the wall.

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