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      Comparison of automatic and manual garage doors

      By cooldude | June 4, 2013

      automatic and manual garage doorsWith the introduction of automatic garage doors it is now a question for all the home owners which door to select. This is a tough choice to select. The automatic garage doors come at a price that pinches your pocket a bit. They not only come with the function of door opening and closing automatically but it also has several features that it performs. These different functions are not required by any of the users yet they need to pay the high amount to the company of the garage door producer. This is definitely a waste of money.

      The automatic doors are also needs a bit of technical knowledge. So it is for the people who know how to handle things technically. The cost of garage door is high apart from the cost you may also need to spend some money on changing the garage a bit. These doors are not meant for all types of garage. The manual doors are easy to use and will demand less money to fit in. So if you are looking to make a garage in a certain budget then manual doors are the best one for you.

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