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      Color choice for a nursery

      By cooldude | April 19, 2012

      Color choice for a nurseryWhile doing up the nursery of your child you have to keep in mind that the design you go with for the room will play an extremely important role in shaping the mind of the child in the early years. Therefore, you should spend some thought on the kind of colors you want for the child. Choose your colors according to the theme of the room. The most common and effective colors for a nursery room is light yellow, light blue and light pink.

      It is generally practiced by the designers that they apply blue to the walls for a boy child and pink for a girl child. If you want a color that is neutral to gender then you should go for yellow. If yellow is the choice, you can go for the jungle theme by combining it with shades of green and painting animals throughout the walls. You can go for a theme of flowers with the pink walls and fill the walls with paintings of bright flowers on the pink background. For the blue walls, the most suitable theme would be of an under water world.

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