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      Child Proofing Tips For Your Kitchen

      By cooldude | November 10, 2013

      kitchen careKitchen is the room in which the parents spend most of their time. Thus it is possible that children also come to the kitchen frequently for some reason or the other. Kitchen is not a safe place for your kid because of the potentially harmful electronic appliances present in the kitchen along with dangerous things like heavy utensils, glass items, knives and so on. In order to ensure that your kitchen is safe for your kids, you have to child proof your kitchen appropriately.

      Firstly, store all the sharp objects and harmful chemicals under lock and key so that your kid cannot get hold of them. The kitchen cabinets should be situated at such a height that only the adults can get access to them. On the other hand, if the kitchen cabinet is situated at the ground level then it should be locked properly because children are most likely to open them first. You always have to keep your kitchen organized and neat.

      Kitchen appliances such as a mixer grinder, oven, blender etc must be stored in a safe place so that the children cannot get their hands on them. The electrical sockets in your kitchen must be covered up when not in use especially when your kid is present in the kitchen. Never allow your kid to sit on the kitchen countertop. The kitchen garbage should also be kept away from the reach of your child.

      If anything spills on the floor of the kitchen then you must clean it immediately so that your kid does not trip and fall. Discourage and warn your child against pulling the tablecloths or curtains utilized in the kitchen as he/she might get tangled or get injured badly. Installing a safety gate is a must so that your kid stays away from the kitchen when you are not around.

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