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      An account on installing electronic panels

      By cooldude | December 10, 2012

      Install electronic panels, home improvementInstalling electronic panels in your house is a great idea but you should know how to install the panels. The procedure is very easy. First you have to get hold of four components namely charge controller, solar panels, power inverter and battery units. When you have got all these you have to arrange all the solar panels together and get it connected to the copper cables of the battery units. You must make sure that the battery is fit for the domestic solar system otherwise your main purpose will not be served.

      The batteries that you will be using will store direct current only and that is why it is important that you connect the batteries to the power inverter that would help to convert the direct current to alternate current. After you complete all the above steps it is time that you connect and extension to the multiple outlets so that you get an easy access.

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