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      Scented candles: add something special to your home décor

      Saturday, March 31st, 2012

      Your home might look perfect with the furnishings you have chosen or the additional features you have installed, but it will remain incomplete if your house just smells of varnish and new fabric. Scented candles are indigenous in a way to give your home a different glow and a fragrance of your choice. Scented candles […]

      Floral bedding: how to match other décor accessories?

      Monday, March 26th, 2012

      Floral bedding options give a fresh and cheerful feel of living close to nature. Although floral bedding and patterns are noted typically to be a feminine thing, bold colors and patterns can describe very fine masculine features in your rooms. Floral beddings are available in various prints and patterns in the market. When you buy […]

      Mix and match your furniture with other décor elements

      Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

      Furniture plays a real important part in your home decor. Selecting the correct set of furniture will enhance the beauty of your home decor. Gone are the days when people used to buy furniture of the same material and design. Now everyone selects different furniture of different designs and materials. You can now look in […]

      Learn to strip wall papers

      Sunday, March 18th, 2012

      Are you looking for some tips that will help you to remove the wall papers from your walls? Well, you have come to the right place; here are a few things that will help you. To strip or remove wall papers from your walls, the first thing that you should do is scraping as much […]

      5 space saving ideas for your home

      Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

      Are you facing a space crunch in your house? Well, the first thing that will come to your mind is that you need a bigger apartment. However, that is not a feasible solution always because it entails a huge expense. And this is precisely why you need to know about space saving tips. Here are […]

      Floor mirrors: a unique décor add on

      Sunday, March 11th, 2012

      Everything does not depend on the furniture which you choose for your home décor; the arrangement plays a key role too. There are many items which you can bring home for decorative as well as functional purposes. Floor mirrors are pretty unique when it comes to decorative ideas. These can completely transform the look of […]